Basketball Gala Day Stage 3





On the 31st of October, selected students from Stage 3 went and represented Holy Trinity Granville at a basketball gala day at Penrith Valley Regional Sports Centre.

There were two teams, a girl’s team and a boy’s team, who played six other teams winning some and losing some.

Throughout the day everyone got a lot better and most important everyone had fun.

We would like to thank Dooley’s for sponsoring the team and helping them get there on the day and training days.

We would also like to congratulate the following players for attending the Gala Day:

  • Jonathan Irima
  • Jeremiah Taliauli
  • Lyncoln Cliffe
  • Bakhous Bou-Francis
  • Raynesh Shrestha
  • Jayson Nguyen
  • Noah Batistic
  • Rahima Sankoh
  • Achan Akot
  • Anger Akot
  • Jasynta Nakfour
  • Daniella Taouk
  • Reese Blandon
  • Claressa Bechara.

Finally we would also like to thank Cassandra Nguyen for supporting the team and taking photos.