Holy Trinity students service the school and wider community


The 2017 Formation Goal for 2017 has been for students to develop their understanding of Scripture through service to others in the school and wider community. As a school we felt that it was important to live the Gospels through acts of service to people in our school and the world. Each class, along with their teachers, planned what their Mission initiative would be and students have really run with the idea and having been making a big difference to the community.

As a whole school, Stage 3 led the way by supporting the Jesuit Refugee Centre in Parramatta.

Part of their service was to provide a food bank for families in need. Every family contributed to this appeal and many baskets of food were collected. We were then visited by employees and a Refugee from the centre to explain to the students how much they appreciated our help.

Years 2 and 5 had a cake stall at different times.

Year 1 had a crazy sock day where students brought a gold coin to school.

Kindergarten collected one hundred coins on their ‘100th day of school’ and conducted a Kinder Café over several mornings.

Years 3 and 4 decided to perform another important act of service by spending the morning helping children from the Pre-school to learn. The staff donated gift cards for the St Vincent de Paul Christmas appeal.

Finally, Year 6 worked at home and school to make small Christmas gifts and cakes for students to buy.

As part of the overall planning the we chose a theme ‘I am the vine, you are the branches’ John 15:5 as a way of recording the names of all students, and their cultural background.

Each child also decided on a colour of the rainbow that described who they were.

  • Yellow is the colour of happiness and cheerfulness
  • Orange is the colour of confidence and being active
  • Red is the colour of courage and enthusiasm
  • Green is the colour of common sense and encouragement
  • Blue is the colour of trust and peace
  • Purple is the colour of understanding and kindness
  • Indigo is the colour of gentleness and strength.

Why do this?

If we are true followers of Jesus, then it is essential that we are aware of our responsibility to serve others and living this from a young age will continue to grow throughout their lives.

God bless